Apple Blossom Garden - Class Project for Annual Benefit

Ever tried to make kindergarten soup at home and it’s just not the same?

The children are the missing ingredient!

The apple blossom garden experimented with natural dyes from treasures found on their hikes like walnut hulls, acorns, barks or magic that gets their parent’s morning started like coffee grounds and black tea with carrot skins and magic bay leaves sprinkled in for a brown dye pot. They also brought beets and beet greens, avocado pits and skins (yes they do give off a reddish hue) and hibiscus teas for a pink dye pot a reminder of the pink fingers that go into the pot on “soup day.”

Natural fibers of jute and 100% cotton were dyed to make napkins, placemats and a table runner to infuse your home with some love from early childhood!

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Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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