Waldorf Graduates

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2021 dvws graduates letting loose after graduation

Waldorf graduates grow up to do a variety of things.

In a recent study, 556 individuals who graduated between 1943 and 2005 responded to a survey that indicated:

  • 94% of Waldorf high school graduates attended college.
  • 47% majored in arts/humanities and 42% in sciences/math.
  • 88% graduated or were about to graduate from college.
  • 94% were self-reliant and highly valued self-confidence.
  • 96% highly valued interpersonal relationships.
  • 90% highly valued tolerance of other viewpoints.
  • 89% were highly satisfied with choice of occupation.
  • 91% practiced and valued life-long learning.

Many Waldorf graduates have gained success in very diverse and visible careers, from movie star to CEO of American Express.

Stanford University Reviews Waldorf Education: https://blog.waldorfmoraine.org/2017/06/stanford-university-reviews-waldorf-education/

A list of famous Waldorf graduates or famous people who chose a Waldorf Education for their children: https://www.thewaldorfs.waldorf.net/

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