2nd & 3rd Grades - Class Shadow Puppet Play!

The Second and Third graders closed their play block last week with two performances of their shadow puppet play, Gilly of the Goatskin and the Unique Tale.

What a whirlwind! From the early moments of learning all of the lines, to drawing, cutting out, and assembling the puppets, to finally staging the play—complete with lovely songs—the children worked diligently, enthusiastically, and with hearts full. They created something very special for our school and family community. Beyond the intense planning and efforts of readying a play, both teacher and students have much to gain from the experience—an immense sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence as we see the fruits of our labor bring smiles, laughter, and a few tears of appreciation from our audiences.

With very special thanks to Chet Celenza for the use of his lovely play.

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