Early Childhood
Parent-Child, Preschool & Kindergarten

The Waldorf approach to early childhood education is grounded in play and movement. Nature, creative play, baking, art, and rich storytelling abound in a nurturing, home-like setting.
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Elementary & Middle School
Grades 1-8

Waldorf curriculum in grade school integrates rigorous, classical academics with hands-on experiences, all tailored to the changing needs and interests of the growing child from ages 7 to 14.
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8th Grade GraduationMidwest Waldorf Collaborative - July 17–21, 2017 - Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School - Viroqua, Wisconsin
8th Grade Graduation & End-of-Year Potluck—Friday, June 2nd, 12:00 p.m.
Midwest Waldorf Collaborative—July 17-21, 2017

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In the Classroom 4/14/2017 - Relief Sculptures - 5th Grade - 6th Grade - Physics

In the Classroom 4/14/2017

Please enjoy this glimpse into what our students have been learning and doing this week! Early Childhood: Spring Gifts Sunflower Garden (Top): Seeds planted, and birdie treasures molded
Wauconda Care Community Service 7th Grade 8th Grade Da Vinci Waldorf Schol

Wauconda Care Community Service

7th & 8th Grades—Wauconda Care Community Service It is a sacrifice to build time into your week to volunteer—to be of service. It is an expectation that our seventh and eighth grade
7th gade 8th grade African Geography

7th & 8th Grades: African Geography

7th & 8th Grades: African Geography As part of our African geography block, each student in the seventh and eighth grade class was assigned a country in Africa to research and prese
zoology, animal projects, 4th grade, book

In the Classroom – 4/7/2017

Early Childhood—Spring is Springing There will be puddles, mud, and worms. Who are we to judge? Dress for the weather and enjoy it! 1st Grade: Planting Seeds The first and second grader


  • "My daughter graduated from this school. It's not an exaggeration to say that enrolling her at Da Vinci in the middle of 4th grade changed the course of her life and the life of our entire family. She had NOT been getting what she desperately needed and hungered for from the local public schools despite ALL my involvement and pro-active work. At Da Vinci Waldof School, creative and independent thinkers are encouraged and rigorous academics are applied. Today I'm glad to report my daughter has grown into a strong, smart, motivated, caring, creative-thinker, problem-solver. Her future is branching off into many compassionate paths. It's wonderful to watch her infectious excitement about which way to go next. She has a confidence that goes way beyond her age. I know it's in part because of the foundation supplied her via her excellent Waldorf education."
    Lynda W.
  • My son is in the 3rd grade at Da Vinci Waldorf and is new to the school this year.  He has transitioned wonderfully.  He enjoys school and looks forward to going each day.  At the end of the day he gets in the car and seems as “fresh” as he did when I dropped him off in the morning.  He is not tired or overwrought and seems genuinely happy.  I am very glad we chose Da Vinci Waldorf for him, and we are planning on sending our two daughters next year.  Thanks, Da Vinci Waldorf , for doing what you do!
    Tom & Chris M., Libertyville
  • Da Vinci Waldorf  is am amazing school!!! I have children from 11-26.. and I have been involved in many different schools… never have I wanted to turn back the clock so that I could start all over.. the way children are taught in this wonderful school blows me away!!! They are truly teaching the whole child…
    Suzanne D., Parent
  • We have 2 children in the grades and 1 in preschool and are so pleased with the education and environment. The children are happy, content and want to go to school each day! The teachers are wonderful in who they are and as educators. I love recommending this school; it is the type of education I wish I could have had myself!
    Chris M., Parent
  • Da Vinci Waldorf School is a wonderful little school in Wauconda, IL. It was a difficult decision to move our 3 children out of public school, but we have never regretted it. The children are much more relaxed and creative. They actually like to learn.
    Margo J., Parent