Wonder Garden - In the Classroom 12/27/2019

Wonder Garden

We have been busy the past few weeks! Each day the children took turns moving the star child around the spiral and decorating our nature table with gifts of crystals, sea shells, plants, and animals. We made salt dough ornaments, pumpkin bread presents, and gingerbread men to celebrate the telling of the gingerbread man story.

Friendships are growing each day and sometimes we enjoy stories and songs from our friends during play time.

Before break we washed all the toys together and put them to bed for their winter rest.Fa0825dd 617c 4e32 96d0 c1c8920af0eb1f89411c 701e 4574 ab26 38e78a5b0655A71b3136 58ad 48bd a217 6f91e0833cc9E4ef9ba9 1822 4969 a353 896845a771d32f30a3f7 5a49 4943 ab88 a2ee0a5b2bc41d3cf162 c5f9 4020 8882 caa180978c10

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