Waldorf/Anthroposophical Tours, by Sophia Services

Two European tours with Waldorf/Anthroposophical themes are offered by Sarnia Guiton of Sophia Services for 2018.

In Search of Knights Templar in Portugal 

The Knights Templar are well known for their activities in Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the Middle Ages following the First Crusade. Their demise in 1307 is also well known. What is not so well known is the belief that their activities in Portugal, working with Bernard of Clairvaux and Portuguese Templar Kings over several generations, formed a Kingdom of Conscience with laws that are echoed in Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Order. 

In Search of the Future - in Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria

Anthroposophy was planted in these Eastern European countries early in the last century. Communism kept it underground prompting it to grow strong roots. At the end of that era, it grew strong and firm above ground and blossomed with joy that it could now be free. We have known none of that in the West. On this tour we will explore what has been happening anthroposophically in Eastern Europe in the last 25 years, and if we have anything to contribute or to bring back home from our experience.
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Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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