Sunday 9/29: Working with Michael in Heaven and on Earth - An Upper Midwest Michaelmas Festival

Sunday, September 29th, 9AM-6PM

Working with Michael in Heaven and on Earth - An Upper Midwest Michaelmas Festival 

Angelic Organics Farm, Caledonia, Illinois

Dear friends,
A group of us are seeking to hold a space in which the tribulations of the earth and of human beings arising through the many crises presently shaking the world (including the world of organic and biodynamic agriculture) can be illuminated and worked with out of the inflowing courage, grace and guidance of the being of Michael.

  • How do we open ourselves and cultivate more fully the living pulse of Michael in our souls, on our farms and in our communities?
  • Why have our food and farms become such a battleground at this time and what does it ask of us?
  • Can we as farmers, consumers and entrepreneurs—and as students of spiritual science--begin to work together in new ways to sustain our biodynamic farms and anthroposophical communities in the coming decades?

We warmly invite you to join us as we come together around these and the many other questions burning in our hearts at this time.

We hope it will be possible for many communities in the upper Midwest to participate so that we can create a warm and living vessel for the spirit of the heartland to receive Michael’s illumination and inspiration in these challenging times.

Full schedule and logistical details to follow shortly.

In solidarity with the Spirit of the Earth,
Robert Karp (Karbelnikoff)
For the organizing committee
John and Haidy Peterson
Walter and Bente Goldstein
Hazel Archer Ginsberg

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
Articles: 1677

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Songs & Stories

A free experiential class for parents and their children.

August 4, 2004 @ 10-11:30am