Yearbook Update & Thanks!

Yearbooks can still be ordered here. They will be sent separately to school if ordered on or before 5/13, or sent to home if ordered after 5/13.

A HUGE thank you to this year's Yearbook Team: Andy Ecklund, Melanie Boehmer, Tamyra Riniker, Nicole Sherman, and Elisa Kraus! Thanks as well to everyone who shared photos, especially our teachers, who have been invaluable in capturing daily life at DVWS!

Yearbook Status

The yearbook has been finalized and printing has begun. EC yearbooks will be delivered to parent mailboxes by 5/22. Grades students will receive their yearbooks directly on the final day of school—an "annual" tradition!

Our small yearbook project planted 61 trees this year!

This grove of trees is being planted by local families in countries devastated by deforestation and global climate change. These fast-growing, permanent trees protect fragile ecosystems and assure that families can continue to live in harmony with the natural resources of their lands. Each year these trees will replace many tons of pollution from the atmosphere with life giving oxygen. Thank you for joining our commitment to the environment and helping to ensure a healthy planet for our children’s future.


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Morgan Branson
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