Sunflower Garden - A Word From Ms. Kelly

Greetings, dear Sunflower Garden Parents,

Old King Winter came out to play,
and he said 'I'm gonna make it a very cold day'
So, he blew to the South (whooooo)
to the East (whooooo)
to the West (whooooo)
but when he blew to the North (WHOOOO)
he said 'that's the best!
cause the old North Wind is my very best friend,
and when we play I'm gonna make it a very very very
Cold Day!' (Brrrrrr!)

The Sunflower children have been having such a good time with our wonderful snow this week! Some of our friends have been out sick and we are wishing them speedy recoveries. We are getting to know our new assistant teacher, Ms. Tuly. We have been hearing the story of "Mother Hulda" from the Brothers Grimm. She lives in a land at the bottom of a well, but when she shakes up her featherbed-- the snow flies on the Earth.

Today it warmed up so beautifully for our hike! Tromping through the snow is great fun, but more strenuous than un-snowy hiking for sure. The children did lots of climbing in the woods, and it was interesting to have a campfire in the snow.

We will have a parent night on Feb 6th at 7pm. We'll spend an hour together in our classroom, then we'll join the Apple Blossom parents for a presentation by Ms. Fiskum, the first grade teacher, about Da Vinci's grades program.

Ms. Kelly

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Morgan Branson
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