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Happy Snow Weekend, dear families!

Trees are bare
snow is deep and skies are grey,
but one bird
can be heard
on the coldest day.
Ask his name and he'll reply,
cocking up a roguish eye:
"Chickadee, chickadee, chick-a-dee,
The children have been enjoying our outside play times at school so much with all the wonderful snow! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend with your dear ones, and that the inconvenience of school cancellation and transportation slow-downs and extra snow removal duties are more than compensated for by this special opportunity for family play 🙂
On Thursday we had a special visitor to our classroom. Mrs. Ro Hart is a long-experienced Waldorf kindergarten teacher who is now retired. She will return on Monday and Thursday of this coming week. Please greet her warmly if you meet her in the hallway or play yard.
Just a little clarification about our Valentine's Day celebration (which will happen on Wednesday the 14th, along with our celebration for our lucky birthday girl): I had asked that if you and your child want to send valentine cards for classmates, they should be "all identical"-- silly me! Of course if you are making these at home, they don't have to all be truly identical—what I really meant is that they should each have only your own child's name on them, and that there should be one for each classmate (15 in all) without specifically addressing particular cards for particular classmates. We want the children to be able to distribute the cards to their classmates very simply in an enjoyable way without fuss or confusion. Again, please no candy with these cards; we will be having a special birthday snack and will have no need of extra sweets! Simple is best, so that we can focus on our warm feelings of affection for each other.
If your child does not attend school on Wednesdays (or if your child should be ill on that day), we will still collect cards for them, which they can see and bring home when they return to school, and if you want to, you may bring cards on Tuesday and we will distribute them on behalf of your child on Wednesday, Valentine's day.
We have been enjoying using needle and yarn for the project of making our heart pockets which will serve as "mailboxes" for the Valentine cards.
Last Monday we painted with yellow in honor of the strengthening sun and the lengthening days.
Blessings and joy,
Ms. Kelly
Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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