Sunflower Garden News * May 22, 2009

Dear Families,

Miss Nicole and I are continuing the marionette puppet show of "Queen Bee" we shared at the May Faire. If you missed it that day, know that your child will have several opportunities to receive this story. I know some were unable to enter once the story was begun at the faire, and this may have felt hurtful or frustrating. These puppet shows require a good deal of focus on the part of the teachers, and the children are "dreaming into it." If we have people entering late or disruptions, it interrupts this flow and can distract the focus and dreamy quality of the experience. Whenever story time or circle time has begun, the ideal would be to not interrupt. I appreciate your timeliness and consideration of this. Thanks for understanding.

Our kindergarten children have been having some adventures. They've finished the basic form of their puppets and next week we'll embellish them with capes, crowns, and whatever else is desired. Then they'll get a chance to play with their creations. From that comes a story. The six year olds also visited Mrs. Bowmen's classroom twice this week for a first grade experience. We in turn invited the first grade class to come see our "Queen Bee" puppet show.

Home visits: Families of six year old/turning six next year children...please contact me about a time in the coming weeks and into summer when I might visit your home. I'd like to visit the homes of all my incoming kindergarten children within the next month. Thanks.

Last call for letters of interest, resumes, and applications for candidates interested in our assistant positions. We are setting up times for applicants to visit the classrooms/observe and interview in the next two weeks. Any questions? Just call my cell phone number (listed in the Handbook).

Enjoy the long weekend!

Donna Brooks

Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell
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