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Sunflower Garden News

A little brown bulb went to sleep in the ground
In his little brown nightie, he slept very sound
King Winter, he roared and he raged overhead
But the little brown bulb did not stir in his bed.
When spring came tip-toeing over the lea
With fingers to lips as soft as can be
The little brown bulb just lifted his head
Threw off his nightie and jumped out of bed!

Dear Sunflower Garden Families,

We are witnessing spring pushing through in front of the school where the daffodil greens are starting to push up. It won’t be long. Meanwhile, King Winter continues his slow exit from our room. We loved the bit of snow that drifted down on us on hike day, but it is time to bid him farewell.

The children have enjoyed acting out the telling of :Akimba and the Magic Cow." This playing of a story gives children a chance to show their own mastery and taking in of a story. There are many gifts children have. One is to be able to take in and retell a story after many tellings. This play of the story is narrated by me, but I give children a chance to recite lines if they are able. Very enjoyable to hear the old man in the woods say to Akimba, Perhaps I can help you. Behind this bush you will find a cow. Take the cow home and say, ‘kukuku,’ and see what happens. This group of children love a good story!

This week we made bunny bread rolls. Stop in on bonfire Thursday to help Miss Tuly make rolls and get a tutorial!

Miss Donna

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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