Sunflower Garden News - A Word from Miss Donna

A making bread song…

Golden grain. Golden grain.
Mix and kneed it all around.
Flour, water, yeast and sweet ~
Now we make our morning treat.
Bread for you and bread for me.

Dear Sunflower Garden Families,

Lady Spring has begun her slow entrance into our room. She is a subtle presence that tiptoes in so gently. We look for signs of her outside and experience an inner reflection of this in our room. Meanwhile, in our circle we continue to sing of rain and snow falling and swelling the rivers as well as the little bulb sleeping and waking. I’ve added the element of being a skunk trying to dig up the bulbs as I push gently but firmly on each child to see if they will budge. It is a great way to assess core strength and offer a touch experience in the circle. They love it!

In story, I am telling a table top puppet show of “The Hungry Cat.” It won’t be long before the children will want to act out this story! If anyone has a large, brown (or some other cat color) sheet and/or cat ears (headband) we could use, let me know!

Thanks to Megan Ver Plancke and Kevin Kane who are creating a wonderful Sunflower Garden auction item with the children. Some work was done on this this week. Get ready to bid on this wonder April 14!

Please get your tickets for the auction evening next Saturday and  sell those raffle tickets! It is all for the good of the school and a way to make the auction evening a success ~ thanks to all of you who have helped and supported this event in any way.

Please remember to send in a filled water bottle for your child. Along this line, if you have a source for filtered, clean, clear water and would like to help fill up our 2 gallon water bottles on occasion, please let me know.

Warm regards,
Donna Brooks

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