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Spring is Coming, Spring is Coming
Birdies, build your nests
Weave together straw and feather
Doing each your best
Doing each your best

Dear Sunflower Garden Families,

First off, have a wonderful spring break and a joyous Easter if that is part of your seasonal celebrations! Enjoy and relax wherever you are and whatever you do.

This week at school, our children were able to sample sap, partially boiled down sap, and yummy syrup. We’ll have more of this experience on Friday. Dave (Mr. Brooks) said they’ll have an outdoor boil down of the last sap of the season on Friday, and he predicts the trees will be flowing with sap that day for our field trip.

Mrs. Westlund was given a 5 gallon bucket of partially boiled down sap by Dave to finish boiling down with the second and third grade class. In return she shared with all the early childhood teachers pussy willows she found abiding in woods near her home! This plant is the first burst that spring is coming and comes at just this time of year. Pussies on the willow like a downy pillow in your silken grey.See excerpts from our March circle below.

This week children molded little nests out of wool fiber and wondered what might fill their nests. This nest will be/was sent home on your child’s last day with a spring surprise! Shh...let the wonder abide in your child and don't rush opening the surprise!

In story, we are hearing about the root children and Mother Earth preparing them to welcome spring. Just as she prepared the way for them to march out in their glorious colors, we are preparing the way for Lady Spring by cleaning up our play yard of old sticks, garbage, etc. We shall burn tomorrow! Thanks to Greg Kasewicz for being our fire keeper on Thursday.

Warm regards,
Donna Brooks

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