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Two little clouds one springtime day
Went flying through the sky
They flew so fast they bumped their heads
And both began to cry
Old Father Sun looked out and said,
“Oh, never mind, my dears. I’ll send
My little fairy fold to dry away your tears.”
One fairy came in red, one orange, one yellow,
And one all dressed in green. One blue, on indigo,
One violet. A fairyful sight to be seen!
Their gowns in the gentle breezes did blow
And all seven fairies made a very pretty row.
They dried the clouds tears all away
And then from out the sky…
Upon a line the sunbeams made, they hung their gowns to dry.

Dear Sunflower Garden Families,

Lady Spring has fully stepped into our room. The nature table is prepared to welcome the glory of spring as it continues to unfold.

In story, I am telling a Grimm’s fairy tale “Frog King,” which is a story of transformation and a classic tale upon which many refer to “kissing the frog to find the prince.” There is no kissing a frog in this tale, but yes, there is transformation!

Thanks to parents Kevin Kane, Amanda Johnston, and Amy Kunz (Safavi) for attending our final hike of the year with us. It was a glorious day, and we collected a massive bag of garbage on the return hike in honor of Earth Day.

We officially turn into the last weeks/month of school next week. Let us continue to “hold” these children with a strong rhythm, so they can handle all the bursting energy of spring and summer coming!

That said, next Friday, May 4, I will be out learning. Ms. Ausra will sub in our classroom while I attend a workshop on “Children and Mindfulness” as part of my counseling professional development.

Kind regards,
Donna Brooks

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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