Swarna Chandrakant

Parent-Child Teacher

Swarna Chandrakant is the Parent-Child teacher.

I feel grateful to be a part of Da Vinci Waldorf School, especially as the Parent-child teacher. I jokingly tell families in my classes that my own children were ready to move onwards but I could not! It is a beautiful space that nurtures the parents alongside the children and fosters meaningful connection, relationships and sense of community.Outside of DaVinci Waldorf school, my training is as a physical therapist. I graduated in 2012 from the Mayo Clinic with a clinical doctorate. Since then, I have primarily worked with elderly patients in the hospital setting. I appreciate the life lessons I receive from both the youngest members of our school community in Parent-Child classes and from some of the oldest members of our society with whom I work while in the hospital setting!

The integration of head, hands and heart in an educational model that is respectful of even the very small child and meets the human being appropriately through the ages is what attracted me to Waldorf education. What do I love about Da Vinci Waldorf School? I love the dedication shown by our teachers and staff, the community-feel rendered by school families, and the deep consideration, respect and space offered to children as they begin the journey of self-unfoldment. I hope students take from their time at DaVinci Waldorf school a joy of learning and appreciation for the ordinary and simple things in life. In my free time I enjoy working on my handwork including needlepoint embroidery, felting and knitting. I like to go for slow walks and take naps. I like to do yoga and read books. I like to watch my garden grow. I enjoy baking, cooking (and eating!) alongside my children. I very much enjoy the chance to sit and chat with friends over a pot of coffee or tea.