Nicole Griffith

Handwork Teacher/Grades Assistant

Nicole Griffith teaches Handwork to grades 1-8 as well as assists where needed such as with teaching handwriting, story time, etc.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature as well as a concentration in Art History from the University of Illinois. I received a Handwork Teacher Training Certificate from The Fiber Craft Studio under the auspices of The Threefold Educational Center and have taken various other Waldorf intensive programs.

My first experience with Waldorf education came as a volunteer assistant in the Early Childhood as Da Vinci Waldorf School was getting its start. Walking into the classroom for the first time, I was struck by the beauty, peace and warmth of the space... then later, when the children arrived, by their excitement to be in this space- the exuberance and imaginative quality of their play. I was drawn in by this example of the reverence Waldorf Education has for the sanctity of childhood.

I can't help but love the grassroots aspect of Da Vinci Waldorf School... it's how we came into being and it is who we still are today. Volunteers, parents, teachers and the constant evolution of these entities in service to the children and this wonderful education. I hope the students I work with leave Da Vinci Waldorf school with resilience!

I am a passionate gardener of native plant species, am a co- steward of a nearby park where we have been working to restore the land to native species, I enjoy yarn dyeing with plants and have been enjoying pottery classes for many years.