Mirja Lorenz

Music Teacher

Mirja Lorenz teaches music to students in 1st through 8th grade.

I am a certified instrumental teacher, my major instrument being the recorder. I am also a musician (recorder) and love playing in concerts.

I was born and raised in Lübeck, Germany, and learned my first little melodies on the recorder when I was about five years old, on Sunday mornings in my mother’s bed (who also was a professional recorder player). I have performed in concerts in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Chicago. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Roosevelt University.

I am very familiar with Waldorf education - I attended a Waldorf school from 6th-8th grade! What I love most about Da Vinci Waldorf School is the warm, very supportive environment, the smell (something yummy), and these absolutely sweet students who give me goosebumps every week.

I hope students take away an eagerness to learn, a strong and warm foundation, and self-worth. And to value unplugging and being screen free.

In my free time, I play the recorder, play with my son, go on walks with my family, play games with my family, and visit with friends.

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