Libby Weston

2nd Grade Teacher

Libby Weston teaches 2nd grade at Da Vinci Waldorf School.

I hold a degree in K-8 Education and completed my student teaching at the Hong Kong International School. I've taught in various grades, including K, 2nd, 4th, and 5th.
I also have a strong background in the arts, having worked as an arts educator and performer. I was the Education and Outreach manager for River North Chicago Dance Company, I have my own puppetry company, and I have developed theater arts and dance curriculum for schools and communities.

Years ago, as a young teacher, a wise mentor suggested I might look into Waldorf education as it seemed to align with my passion for integrating the arts into classroom teaching. She was right. The first time I visited a Waldorf school I thought “Yes! I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to attend this school as a child!”

I love the warmth of the teachers and community, the focus on the individual, and the commitment to exploring and pursuing the art of living at Da Vinci Waldorf School.

There are two things I hope students take away from their time at Da Vinci Waldorf School. First, a foundation of love, respect, and acceptance that will provide for each child a reservoir of confidence in one’s ability to meet the challenges the world presents. The second is a hunger for growth and learning.

In my free time, I make puppets, puppet theaters, sets, and I write scripts. I also love to travel and especially love visiting state and national parks and international travel.

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