Chris Ecklund

6th Grade Teacher

Chris Ecklund is the sixth grade teacher and faculty chair at DaVinci Waldorf School.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in studio art, an Illinois teaching certificate, and a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Waldorf. I have been an educator for more than ten years teaching art in both public and home school settings before finding my way to Waldorf education.

While completing a Master’s degree at the Great Lakes Waldorf Institute in Milwaukee in conjunction with Mount Mary University, I worked as the parent chair of the PTO, a board member, an early childhood faculty member, and a grade school substitute teacher at Da Vinci Waldorf School and art instructor at Tamarack Waldorf High School.

An immediate sense of shared values is what attracted me to Waldorf Education, but it is the authentic community and engaging learning environment that keeps me here.

My deepest wish for all the students of DaVinci Waldorf School is that they develop a lifelong, empathetic curiosity about the world.

I pursue this goal in my own life through printmaking, sculpture, cooking, and sharing music and books with my family.