Medication Procedures - Reminder

If a child needs over-the-counter medication, homeopathic medication, or prescription medication during the school day, parents must bring the medication to the office in its original bottle, labeled with the child’s name and dosage instructions.  The parent must also fill out a medication authorization form detailing how and when the medication should be administered. No medication will be administered without written instructions and signed permission.  DVWS staff and faculty are not trained medical professionals, and the school does not employ a school nurse.  All medications will be kept in the office. Students should not keep any over-the-counter, homeopathic, or prescription medication with them at school.

If a child takes any medication after school hours, this needs to be indicated in TADS. These records are especially important for short-term or long-term medications in the event that the child has an adverse reaction or an accident requiring emergency medical treatment. Paramedics would need to know if a student was taking any kind of medication.

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