Kindermarket Event Details & Call for Crafters!

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The DaVinci Waldorf School Kindermarket is a magical community event for everyone. Enjoy children's crafts & activities, parent-merchants, delicious snacks, treats and warm refreshments, music, and much more all in one place on Saturday, November 18th from 1pm – 4pm!

Volunteers Needed

There are many different ways to volunteer for the Kindermarket:

  • Make small crafts/gifts for the children to purchase for loved ones. Craft ideas and instructions can be found below, or feel free to create your own!
  • Friday set-up, decorations, baking, work a 1 hour shift on Saturday, clean up, etc. (Watch for a Sign-Up Genius, coming soon!)
  • Come to the Elves Workshops! A great choice for people who want to be a part of craft making in a social setting.  These crafts will be pre-selected and the supplies provided by the PTO committee.  Snacks and light refreshments will also be provided for both workshops.  Many hands make light work!

Please join us for one or both of these dates!

Elves' Workshop #1
When:  Saturday, 11/4
Where:  DVWS
Time:  9am – 11am

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Elves' Workshop #2
When:  Wednesday, 11/8
Where:  DVWS
Time:  6:30pm – 8:30pm

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Kindermarket Crafts

The crafts below will be done by parents at the "Elves' Workshop" events and/or by volunteers on their own time. These are just ideas; parents are strongly encouraged to make crafts of your own choosing, such as lip balms, knitted items, etc. Any crafty soul will be very welcome and given a free, long hug by the Kindermarket team members! 🙂 If you plan to craft independently, please   [maxbutton id="14" ]   If we know what you are making, we can more efficiently plan our group crafting events. Thank you!

If you have any questions about the Kindermarket, please    [maxbutton id="15" ]

Craft Ideas List & Instructions:
1. Cinnamon Stick Reindeer ornament
2. Cinnamon Stick Tree ornament
3. Cinnamon Stick Star ornament
4. Match Stick Mason Jar
5. Penny Wreath ornament
6. Tic Tac Toe Game in Burlap bag
7. Holiday Cards
8. Tie Snake Toy

Check back…more information to come!

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