2nd Grade - In the Classroom 12/27/2019

2nd Grade - Geography

As the students continue to awaken to their place in the world we slowly broaden our perspective in geography. Last year we immersed ourselves in the seasons of Illinois and all the animals, weather, and festivities that go along with them. This year we learned about the people who lived here before us and how they took care of things so that we could enjoy them later. We did this through the oral tradition of Native American folktales, just like our ancestors did. To further enliven the experience, parents and grandparents were asked to reflect on their student and choose a spirit animal guide which the student would be presented with. Each child was then given the opportunity to create a new name for themselves in honor of their new responsibility.

Pictured from left to right we have:

Listening Bat, Joyful Rabbit, Sparring Mouse, Daring Crow, Organizing Bee, Searching Wolf (down in front), Charging Goat, Singing Hummingbird with Running Puma behind her, Busy Coyote with Soaring Woodpecker behind him, and Swift Dragonfly.7d6b3fdd 6526 4bc2 8f4c afecebd18417

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