Things are winding down after the flurry of excitement with this year's auction.  Now it's time to switch into spring and start thinking about preparations for May Faire!

May Faire will be held Saturday, May 16th, from 2-6 pm and is open to the public.  What a great opportunity for friends and family to come and visit the school!  Pony rides, live music, food, and lots of other fun activities are on the list for this year's Faire.

Parents, faculty and staff alike may talk to Donna Brooks if they wish to help out with the Faire.  Volunteers are needed to assist with the Roots 'n Shoots Café, decorations and activities.  Talk to Donna if you'd like to help, and check the  sign-up board in the lobby.

In other news, Water's Edge School will be participating in the Memorial Day parade in Wauconda!  We are in search of a convertible vehicle with a hitch capable of pulling a trailer with a small boat for the children to ride in.  Please contact Susan Love if you have a vehicle you'd be willing to help us out with.

Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell
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