DUE TODAY: Image Selections for Student Portraits

REMINDER: Image selections for student portraits are due TODAY—Friday, 10/13/17!

Individual Portrait images are now online for DaVinci Waldorf School! If you ordered a print package of your child, you may now view your child's images by clicking this link: https://studiowest.smugmug.com/View-Your-Images/Special-Events/DaVinci-Waldorf-School-2017/
The password is "waldorf" (lowercase, no quotes).

  • Alternatively, you may also visit the studio's website: www.studiow.com
  • Select "View Your Images" at the top of the page
  • Select "View Your Images" (again)
  • Select "Special Events" and finally "DaVinci Waldorf School"
  • Enter the password: "waldorf" (lowercase, no quotes)

Please browse the image options for each of your children and select your favorite image for each child. The images are in alphabetical order by last name. You can click on any image to enlarge it. If you click the "X" in the upper right corner of the window you will be taken back to the Gallery View.

The file name of each image is your child's last name and first initial followed by a 3-digit number (Smith A 001). Please note the 3-digit image number because you will need to give us the number so that we can complete your order.

You will not see file names if you are viewing on your phone. Before you finalize your decision, please view the images on a larger screen so you can see them more clearly and you can see the file numbers.

Select your favorite image of your child, and send an email with your selection to joanne@studiow.com.
If you have more than one child, send all choices in the same email (Smith A 001, Smith R 003).

We will print your order and your completed prints will be ready to pick up at DaVinci Waldorf on Friday, 11/17/17.

Thank you!

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