Double Your Donation on Giving Tuesday—11/27! Here’s how!

Double your dollars via Facebook

Set your alarms! Timing is everything! All you need to do is donate as close to (but after) 7:00 AM CST as possible on Tuesday morning, November 27th, via a Facebook Fundraiser! Full details can be found here.


STEP #1: NAVIGATE HERE  OR HERE to view a list of active Facebook Fundraisers (or create your own fundraiser, see below!)

STEP #2: Choose a Facebook Fundraiser benefiting DVWS and click the DONATE button. Follow the steps it provides to complete your donation.


  • donate as close to (but after) 7:00AM CST as possible to guarantee your gift will be doubled
  • once the $7 million fund is gone, no more matching will be available - the funds have run out in previous years within minutes
  • Gifts made AFTER 7:00AM CST on Tuesday, November 27th will be matched until the $7 million fund is spent or until 1:59AM on Wednesday, 11/28
  • you will not have time to drop your children at school and donate afterward if you want your gift to be doubled
  • up to $20,000 per donor can be matched!
  • up to $250,000 per non-profit can be matched!

STEP #3:  Consider creating your own Facebook Fundraiser for others to donate to.  These should be created in advance of the 7:00AM rush.

TO CREATE A FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER: Visit and follow the step-by-step instructions. It's easy!

BONUS: Facebook and Paypal are waiving all fees on Giving Tuesday (November 27th.) 100% of donations made on this day will reach the school!

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Morgan Branson
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