Change the Environment and You Change the Brain

‘Brain and environment are one, interdependent, reciprocal dynamic process. Change the environment and you change the brain.'

The human brain created Technology that changed the environment that is now changing the brain. In the mid 1800s Emerson, cautious of the industrial revolution, noted; the weaver becomes the web, writes Michael Mendizza, author and founder of Touch the Future, in his blog.

Mendizza, a documentary film maker, has studied media for 30 years. He writes that relating to a screen can be likened to sensory deprivation for children. He says the excessive use of media in early childhood is weakening the core foundation on which learning depends.

Mendizza writes: Screen based technologies are all ‘virtual’. To have an appropriate relationship with a virtual reality one must first have a well-developed physical, emotional, cognitive foundation in what used to be the only reality – natural experience and relationship based and perception. Introduce virtual reality too early, when the natural reality is still forming and you displace, push aside, critical experiences in the development and stabilization of that natural reality.

Read the entire blog, The Weaver Becomes the Web.

Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell
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