Apple Blossom Garden - A Note from Mrs. Ieva

Dear Families,

HIKE DAY ~ We will begin our weekly Monday hike on Monday, October 23. Please dress for the weather and plan to pick up your child inside on hike days. Please make sure your Monday hiking child has a good night’s sleep, fortifying breakfast, and clothes that can handle what the woods may offer…including burrs! (Hats, mittens, rain pants or snow pants are expected based on the weather. Please make a bathroom stop before joining us on the play yard! Also, please no dresses or skirts for the girls and I would suggest pony tails or braids too)!

Starting next Friday, we are going to start to make soup. Our first soup will have potatoes from our own school garden! If you would like to share any veggies from your own garden, we would enjoy it very much!

In our circle time we are playing "Farmer Brown in Bungalow Town" game, where every child has a turn to be Framer Brown.

In our story time I started to tell the story "Harvest time".  It is a cute story where a hedgehog family helps Grandpa Murphy harvest vegetables while he is having a long nap.
Mrs. Ieva

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Morgan Branson
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