Apple Blossom Garden News - A Word from Miss Ieva

A little brown bulb went to sleep in the ground
In his little brown nightie, he slept very sound
King Winter, he roared and he raged overhead
But the little brown bulb did not stir in his bed.
When spring came tip-toeing over the lea
With fingers to lips as soft as can be…
The little brown bulb just lifted his head
Threw off his nightie and jumped out of bed!

Dear Apple Blossom Garden Families,

I hope you have a wonderful spring break! Happy Easter if that is part of your seasonal celebrations!

What a gorgeous day we had at Spring Valley Nature Center! It was so nice to see so many of you!

Last week in our circle time we enjoyed early spring verses that we will conclude next week. In our story time last week I started to tell the Brother Grimm tale "Seven Ravens". I will finish telling this story this upcoming week.

Our youngest "Mighty Oaks" are turning 6!!! We celebrate a birthday on Friday, April 6 and Monday, April 9!

For the next three weeks we will have a special visitor in our class, Carmen Quinton, who is a Waldorf teacher in training. She will observe us next week. The last two weeks she will lead the circle and tell a fairy tale to our children.

Our lovely room mom Sarah Canga is taking up our class project for the Auction Event. It will be a naturally dyed table runner, 4-6 napkins and 4-6 placemats. Children will help in the process of dyeing. It would be nice if the children could bring some items from your family walks and home all next week (and give to Sarah in the morning.) Some things they could bring for the brown dye pot - acorns, walnut hulls, onion skins, oak bark, bay leaves, carrots, celery leaves even some tea bags or coffee grounds. For the red pot - beets and beet greens, avocado skins and pits, hibiscus tea, fresh basil leaves, cherries and berries.

Mrs. Ieva

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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