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My Lady Spring, she’s dressed in green.
She wears a primrose crown,
And little baby buds and twigs
Are clinging to her gown.
The sun shines if she laughs at all
And when she weeps, the raindrops fall.
My Lady Spring. My Lady Spring!

Dear Apple Blossom Garden Families,

Lady Spring has fully stepped into our room. The nature table is prepared to welcome the spring as it continues to unfold.

As we turn from April to May, things get a bit busier with special projects for our dear mothers and puppet making with our Mighty Oaks.

Two Fridays ago we said goodbyes to our student teacher Mrs. Carmen. It was really nice to have her in our class. Children enjoyed her circle and fairy tale "Wolf and Seven Kids". We wish her the best finishing up with her studies.

Last Friday we celebrated a birthday. Tomorrow we will have another birthday celebration. Next Tuesday we'll have our last birthday celebration for the year.

As we officially turn into the last weeks/month of school next week, Let us continue to “hold” these children with a strong rhythm, so they can handle all the bursting energy of spring and summer coming!

Mrs. Ieva

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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