Apply by January 16th - DVWS Alumni Take Flight Grant 2019

F91bc132 7468 40c3 9f5c 06ee8057fe9f 2
7d5180b2 afdc 4ae4 8111 bce8b3d33ca9 2The Da Vinci Waldorf (DVWS) Board of Trustees believes in the school’s students and wants to help them to get a little air beneath their wings and make a difference in the world. A $250 fund has been created and will be awarded in full or parts to student alumni who meet the eligibility requirements and application guidelines, and are chosen by the board to receive the funds.

Eligibility​ ​Requirements:

The applying student must have graduated from Da Vinci Waldorf School (formerly Water’s Edge Waldorf School), and must have been enrolled for two or more years, OR attended Da Vinci Waldorf School (formerly Water’s Edge Waldorf School) for five or more years. Students who have not graduated from DVWS may not apply until their high school education begins.

Deadline for submission: January 16, 2019, midnight CST

Applicants will be informed of decisions by February 28, 2019.


800fd68e e4a5 4030 bba8 c94b896b9688 3Applying students must apply on their own behalf in the form of a letter not to exceed 500 words addressed to the Da Vinci Waldorf School Board. This letter should include:

  1. Eligibility statement - graduation year, and/or years of enrollment.
  2. Agreement to have your name, request, and any reporting provided, used for DVWS marketing and publicity should you receive an award.
  3. Current school and level (if attending), graduation/completion of high school, graduation/completion of higher education or training, employment status if applicable, and future plans for work and education if known.
  4. Request for funds toward a specific project, experience, or need that will further the student’s education or have a positive impact on the world. Include total costs and, if greater than the grant allows, how the additional costs will be met. Images are welcome if they help illustrate the request.
  5. Explanation of how your request is aligned with Waldorf education’s hope for lifelong learning and the positive transformation of society.

Reporting​ ​responsibility:

DVWS would love to hear from you in words and pictures. Winning applicants must report back within three months of completion of project, need, or experience. Please include details of how the funds were spent and if the proposed goals were met.

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