Announcing our 2020 “Take Flight” Alumni Grant Recipients!

Congratulations to this year’s “Take Flight” grant recipients!Mollykate e1583553465189

The DVWS Take Flight Grant is an annual grant for alumni of Da Vinci / Water’s Edge Waldorf School.  This year each of our winners will receive a $250 grant.

Molly Kate Ketel graduated from Da Vinci Waldorf School in 2015 and is a freshman at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She plans to use her grant to continue her focus is volunteering and making a difference in her community as part of the Alpha Sigma Sorority. Their philanthropy focus is on the American Cancer Society. 


KatiehurthallerKatie Hurt-Haller graduated from Da Vinci Waldorf School in 2015 and is a freshman at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, IA. Katie is interested in costume design, and plans to use this grant to explore her passion for designing costumes and clothing. She will invest in materials, fabrics, and supplies to help her explore the field further. She plans to hone her skills through theater production with an aim of determining if this is what she will do for a  living.

What an inspiration it is to see our young people moving forward in such meaningful ways. We are honored to help them on their journeys. We wish each of them the very best and look forward to hearing about their successes!

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
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