All-School Meeting - Brief Recap

Thanks to all who came out for our All-School Meeting last night. We hope those who were able to attend found it valuable.

We met as a community and discussed subjects such as

  • retention in the upper grades (ask around, there are some big ideas being considered!)
  • the Faculty, Admin and Board retreat
  • upcoming school and community events in more detail, including
    • The Grades Lantern Walk (11/9, 5-6:30PM)
    • Jeff Trudell, an alumni parent, playing at Bliss (11/9, 6:30PM)
    • EC Lantern Walk (11/10, 5-6:30PM)
    • A Walk Through the Waldorf Curriculum (11/14, 7PM)
    • The 2018-2019 Giving Circle, which opens soon—on Giving Tuesday (11/27)
    • Parent Evening for Advent Garden (11/29, 7PM)
    • Christmas Pageant (12/21, 2PM)
    • The Giving Circle Gathering (2/9, 3:30PM)

Elizabeth led us in singing lantern songs in preparation for the Lantern Walks coming up next week, so we have a better chance of singing along in the dark. We took a survey, with uncooperative pens, which the school will use to better plan events, gatherings, and volunteer opportunities. We would love to hear from everyone! If you weren't there, please stop by the office and grab a survey. Putting your name on it is completely optional.  Thanks to everyone who came out.

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