5th Grade: Class Play, "Prometheus The Fire Bringer"

The fifth grade performed their play—Prometheus, the Fire Bringer on Thursday.

This is a story about two titans, Prometheus (which means forethought) and Epimetheus (afterthought), who are given the task by Zeus of creating a new race of human beings on earth. Prometheus soon realizes that humans will need something greater to help them live to their full potential and asks Zeus to share the gift of fire with them. Zeus refuses, and Prometheus decides to steal it—knowing that this deed will not go unpunished. When Zeus discovers this betrayal, he chains Prometheus to a mountain and causes him to suffer continuously, day after day.

This story is a deeply spiritual one; one that reminds us of the power of courage, determination and, perhaps most of all, of hope. Heroes, such as Deucalion and Herakles, remind us that humankind can be bold, selfless and brave.

In addition to learning many lines and stage directions, the class also wrote a few scenes of their own! Their hard work and enthusiasm paid off, and they did a fantastic job.
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Morgan Branson
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