4th & 5th Grades - Class Play "The Museum Mystery Caper"

On February 13th the fourth and fifth graders performed their old fashioned, radio-style play for classmates and family members, alike. Entitled "The Museum Mystery Caper," the students entertained audiences with humor, suspense, education...and of course a thrilling conclusion! There were roles large and small, but all important and vital in their own ways. Musicians played a compelling introduction and accompaniment to the show, lighting crew created the mood, sound effects crew brought the story to life, the actors gave the performance its flavor and flair, and the props department created fun details to enhance the storyline. There was even a set manager, ensuring that everything ran smoothly from start to finish! We all had so much fun that we (almost) forgot how hard we worked!

Extra special Thank Yous go to class parents Jennifer Nichols, Louisa Turnbull, and Neeru Kaur for helping before, during, and after the performances.

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