3rd & 4th Grades - In the Classroom 11/8/2019

3rd and 4th Grades—Two Creation Stories

The Norse world was discovered through stories by the fourth graders. It is a world of polar opposites- Niflheim’s icy mist above and fiery Muspelheim below. The adventures begin in the meeting of these forces. 

Third graders began to see the emergence of a human home from the Genesis story of creation.
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3rd Grade Measurement Block

During the Measurement Block, students in third grade put a ruler, tape measure, yard stick, or string to almost everything around school. We measured the height of all students and a few teachers, the length of our playground, and almost everything in our desk. Then we put our thinking to work and figured how many times we would have to run back and forth across the playground to make a mile, and how to convert these measurements to equivalents.

The Measurement Block also included weight, dry and liquid volume, time, and calendars.
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Third and fourth grades harvested cucumbers from the garden and learned to pickle using the refrigerator method.

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