1st Grade - In the Classroom 1/25/2020

First Grade has now met "Adelie-Addition" and "Sebastian-Subtraction." There is movement in the classroom, in our bodies, and in our minds. We play different math games using bean bags, balls, hazelnuts, and clothes pins. We are also writing out math equations in the morning lesson books. The children are making great progress in forming numbers and drawings.

We lost yet another tooth during the morning lesson and, sure enough, we had to add all first grade teeth that have been lost so far.

Some very exiting and ambitious choices were made and strongly backed up by persistence—that’s a lot of nuts!

The current block engages the “thinking mind.” We make sure that our hands and artistic expression are balancing this process.

First graders also had their first experience with clay. We explored the differences between the ever-so-familiar-and-warm bees wax to the cooler, sticker, and heavier clay.

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