Sunflower Garden – In the Classroom

Sunflower Garden – In the Classroom 2/16/2020 Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunflower Garden

Our grade school friends started building a snow fort during recess, then many Sunflower Garden hands pitched in to continue with the construction.

Sunflower Garden – Imagination Transformation

Every days the tree house gets beautifully decorated and transforms into many things: home, race car, spaceship.

Sunflower Garden – Hike Day

Sunflower Garden – Obstacle Course

An obstacle course during Extended Day.

Sunflower Garden – Story Time

Sunflower Gardens re-enacting a story outdoors during recess.

Sunflower Garden – Body Sledding

We love when King Winter covers our hill with snow!

Sunflower Garden – In the Classroom 1/25/2020 Saturday, January 25, 2020

Sunflower Garden

Last week the Sunflower Garden castle turned into a hospital!

So many sick patients were transported from unit to unit and treated with care.

Sunflower Garden

What a busy month of December we had: sawing and sanding, sanding, sanding.
“Is this a train?” “A building block?”
The guesses kept coming… until one day we rolled the dough with the thing we had worked on so hard.
“All this work for this?” someone exclaimed.
Even simple things require lots of work. I hope they will be well used at your homes!

Sunflower Garden

Pulling is a great activity for everyone. Recently the teachers were taken for a ride!

Sunflower Garden

Sledding fun!

Sunflower Garden

No sleds around? We quickly find the way to do down the hill!

Sunflower Garden

From before the snow—a field full of ponies!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunflower Garden – Engineering

Waldorf “early childhood engineering”. There are many ways to fit four people on two swings. Here are a couple of them!

Sunflower Garden – Good Friends

No matter what the weather, good friends are happy together…

Sunflower Garden – In the Classroom 12/27/2019 Saturday, December 28, 2019

Sunflower Garden – A Secret Project!

We all worked together measuring, sawing, and sanding our secret project—rolling pins. The children found out how hard sanding the wood smooth can be.

What a delightful gift from children to parents!

Sunflower Garden – In the Classroom 11/22/2019 Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sunflower Garden – Dressed in White

When Autumn dressed up as Winter for Halloween and kept her costume for quite some time, we played along and enjoyed his white gown.

Sunflower Garden – In the Classroom 11/8/2019 Friday, November 8, 2019

What a sweet welcome back the children had during the first week of school, filled with warm hugs, hearty laughs and many helpful hands.

The fairies love our school yard as they always have gardens and homes lovingly, imaginatively, and thoughtfully created.

End of the day hug. ❤️

Our tree house is the best place on earth!

Our castle, just like about everyone else’s, has its rules. Today Purly the Gnome, who usually naps when the children are playing, came down to us and said that from now on there can be four children in the tree house at a time instead of three. This evoked a wave of gratitude and multiple cards were lovingly created and addressed to Purly.

Part of our weekly Wednesday rhythm is grinding rye berries into flour to make bread on Thursday.

A little tea party at the end of the day.

So much to do and learn!