Zeb Wilkes

5th Grade Teacher

Zeb Wilkes teaches 5th grade at Da Vinci Waldorf School.

I was a teacher in Los Altos, California for five years and was the team lead in science and math. I am particularly interested in Social Emotional Learning and methods that support holistic outcomes for young people. I was attracted to Waldorf education by the intentionality, commitment to process, and the attention to the individual path of each student.
I hope students in our school develop the skills and tools to understand the universe around them, with a deep knowledge of context and ample creative expression.
In my free time, I like playing banjo, cooking, camping and going on many learning adventures with my family.  My wife Karen, and my two sons Beau (3rd grade) and Huck (ECE), are also very excited to be joining the Da Vinci Waldorf family.