Olga Kuzina

2nd Grade Teacher

Olga Kuzina is a 2nd grade teacher.

I have a Master’s degree in Textile and Fine Arts plus 10+ years of teaching movement, breathing, art and music immersion classes.

I originally found out about Waldorf Education more than 25 years ago. Waldorf inspired my parenting and I always dreamt that I would be a part of a Waldorf school.

I love the like-minded people at Da Vinci Waldorf School and happy noncompetitive vibe. Synthesis of arts and movement here helps everyone involved to fulfill their soul purpose. The creative and practical atmosphere in our school helps to start dreaming and make dreams come true.

The most important thing for children to take from this school is the value of an individual soul for the development of the humankind. Everyone in our school, students and teachers alike, are in a process of developing a strong soul with courage to express itself fully.

My favorite things to do in my free time are painting, sewing, knitting, playing piano & guitar, singing, cooking and traveling.