Kris Boshell

Extra Lesson Teacher

Kris Boshell is a Learning Support teacher at Da Vinci Waldorf School where she works frequently with Extra Lesson in the classroom with large groups of students.

I discovered Rudolf Steiner’s work in 2003 through my two children attending Waldorf education. I earned my certificate for Anthroposophical training for Waldorf Grades Teaching and Remedial Education from Rudolf Steiner College (RSC) in 2009, and a M.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State University in 2013. Previously, I was a private contractor and instructor in Northern California for Waldorf private and public charter schools, and RSC Waldorf teacher training programs. I consult internationally as a mentor, evaluator, teacher training instructor and conference presenter for learning support for individual and classroom work. I serve on the Core Group and teach for the Waldorf Teacher Institute of Chicago, and am a member of the Anthroposophical Society in America

I am thrilled to be working at DaVinci Waldorf School where the students enthusiastically engage in all that I bring to them. I value the integrity of the faculty and staff who truly collaborate when working together which leads to amazing outcomes.

My wish is that the students who I teach gain confidence through their working that leads not only to their academic success, but also to a level of resiliency beneficial for their lives ahead.