Kelly Arce

4th Grade Teacher

Kelly Arce teaches 4th grade at Da Vinci Waldorf School.

I have been in the educational field for almost 15 years. I worked part-time at Kumon Learning Centers while completing school and went on to manage their corporate-owned location in Willowbrook for two years. I earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting with a minor in Applied Mathematics from Northern Illinois University.

Following college, I worked in banking for a short time before realizing education was my heart's desire. I am now pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS).

I learned about Waldorf education through my studies at UMS and immediately felt drawn to its aim of educating the whole child. They described that "the idea is to create a genuine love of learning within each child," which I feel should be the primary goal of every educational institution.

I greatly appreciate Da Vinci Waldorf School's intimate class sizes, along with the school's ability to individualize for each student's needs while fostering cohesion within the classes.

I hope each student brings with them into the world a deep sense of empathy and compassion toward nature and all of its beings.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and five pets, being outdoors (when it's warm,) meditating, reading, and exercising.