Jim May

Language Arts Teacher

Jim May is the resident storyteller at Da Vinci Waldorf School.

I tell stories and help my students to create and tell their own stories.

In the upper grades, I present story structure concepts such as story arc, heroic journey, the role of paradox and transformation, etc, in myth, spiritual traditions, and in most compelling stories.

As an elementary teacher (10 years), community college counselor (5 years) and freelance storyteller and author (37 years) I have worked in education for 52 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History, a MS.ED in School Counseling and certificates in Elementary Eduction, School Administration and School Counseling.

I received an Emmy award for a WTTW-Channel 11 production of my original story, “A Bell For Shorty.” 

I was attracted to Waldorf education because of the child-centered philosophy, hands-on and experiential learning. There is also an appreciation of the power and importance of storytelling and oral tradition. I love that Da Vinci Waldorf School has small classes and any school that has chickens, a garden, a native prairie...it was love at first sight.

I hope students take away from their time at Da Vinci Waldorf School a love of life-long learning. Understanding the virtually unlimited potential of their own intelligence and ability to achieve happiness, along with deep compassion for others.

My hobbies include bird watching, environmental restoration, gardening, and playing tennis and golf.