Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom

Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom 2/16/2020 Sunday, February 16, 2020

Apple Blossom Garden

We explore nature at all times of the day. Inside, we do it oftentimes with song and story and craft. Outside, we observe and interact. Closely examined, a pine needle cluster shows shades and shades of green from dark to light. Even as King Winter sets his hand across the woods, we find curled worms. The children exclaimed with delight about the worm and rushed around it.

Apple Blossom Garden – Snow Play

King Winter treated our Apple Blossom Garden students to mountains of snow and ice. These mounds became castles and slides and precipices to leap from. Endless fun and excitement!

Apple Blossom Garden

Some of the boys from Apple Blossom Garden has fun “driving” together on their fantasy bus ride.

Apple Blossom Garden

Under bright Father Sun, the children loved sliding down the ice-glazed snow hill. Some dug up chunks for snacking while others packed up slides to change the ride down. The children come inside rosy cheeked and ready for our morning circle after their vigorous outdoor play.

Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom 1/25/2020 Saturday, January 25, 2020

Apple Blossom Garden

Winter started up for us without any snow, so we decided to go ask King Winter for snow. We have been visiting King Winter’s castle by crawling through crystal caves, crossing the frozen river, passing through his round gate, making snowball rolls, and jumping on his bed to wake him up.  Something must have worked because we have been rewarded with snow the past two weekends!

Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom 1/10/2020 Sunday, January 12, 2020

Apple Blossom Garden – Imagination

From puppet shows to elaborate booby traps, the children in Apple Blossom Garden engage with their imaginations and the simple classroom toys to make playtime wonderful.

Apple Blossom Garden – Butterfly Bows

Two Mighty Oak kindergartners practice tying their butterfly bows.

Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom 12/27/2019 Saturday, December 28, 2019

Apple Blossom Garden – Puppet Performances

The children and have been digging into their imagination while putting on their own puppet shows and full blown performances. After we watched the 2nd Grade perform their Saint Martin play for Martinmas, the Apple Blossom children created their own wonderful play.

Apple Blossom Garden – Imaginative Play

Outside, a few of the children spent some time in the morning making wands at the anvil. Once the snow left, the kids made “paint” to make whiskers and more. The imaginative play never stops!

Apple Blossom Garden – A Secret Project

We all worked together measuring, sawing, and sanding our secret project—rolling pins! The children found out how hard sanding the wood smooth can be. The sawing mirrored our morning circle as well where we sawed down our imaginary Christmas tree together.

The last week of class we used the rolling pins to roll out gingerbread cookie stars.

Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom 11/22/2019 Friday, November 22, 2019

Apple Blossom Garden

The Apple Blossom Gardeners continue to enjoy a wonderful weekly hike into our magic woods. The changing seasons offer new learning opportunities as well as renewed enjoyment of outdoor play.

Apple Blossom Garden – In the Classroom 11/8/2019 Friday, November 8, 2019

During circle time, children sing, move, and play games to the songs they sing. They weave in and out of the circle, curtsy, bow, and flutter. Children cross their midlines with hands and feet, work on finger dexterity, cross their horizontal midlines when they bow and curtsy, exercise the social skills of taking turns, and working with a partner to raise hands together for the child to walk under.

The Apple Blossom Gardeners are finding their rhythm and especially enjoying their weekly hikes!

The leaf of every tree brings a message from the unseen world. 
Look, every falling leaf is a blessing. 
~ Rumi