Annual Fund

Dear Friends and Family,

Da Vinci Waldorf School is a small school with a big mission. With your financial support it can work toward making the world a better place through an education that teaches children to think clearly, feel passion in their purpose, and to reach unimaginable goals.

Waldorf graduates have a proven record. If you glance through the international list of famous Waldorf graduates (, you will notice a vast array of professions. No matter their occupation, there is a common thread between these “famous” graduates:  they are all active public servants who are interested and involved in the world around them. Today more than ever, our society needs free-thinking individuals to impart change toward the greater good.

Your tax-deductible gift to the 2014-15 Annual Fund will keep students learning about the power and importance of service to others, building character, and connecting to each other, the community, and the world. Your gift is an essential part of the school’s budget. It helps provide inspiring early childhood education, as well as grade school programming in language arts, science, math, music, foreign language, handwork, physical education, and the arts. Every dollar received makes an immediate difference in the educational experience of each and every student.

Your gift supports the fastest growing independent education movement in the world, locally at Da Vinci Waldorf School. Join the mission and give all you can! This year's goal is to exceed $40,000. If we achieve 100% school family participation and 100% fulfilled pledges, two anonymous gifts totaling an additional $10,000 will be given. With your donation, this goal will be a reality!

Thank you in advance for your support! Kindly make your donations by November 4, 2014.



Erich Schwenk

Development Committee Chairperson