? Student Michaelmas Celebration - This Friday 9/29

MichaelmasStudents will celebrate Michaelmas during the school day on Friday, September 29.

Children will NOT need to bring snack or lunch on Friday.

School will provide the necessary ingredients for this shared meal, although donations are welcome for groceries. Each class is responsible for part of the meal and its distribution. Students will bake, churn, chop or pop the healthy and nutritious food we’ll share. After snack and lunch prep is complete, classes will have time with their teacher to craft a Michaelmas-themed project. See below for a schedule of the day.

Hello Dear Families,
Michaelmas season is here once again!

Beginning this Friday and lasting one full month, Michaelmas is a time of courage, of battling dragons, and of overcoming struggles. Michaelmas is an ancient festival celebrated in most Waldorf schools; it epitomizes an important aspect of Waldorf education—self ­development. The celebration commemorates the Archangel Michael, and the archetype he represents—one who overcomes or transforms evil through intelligence, courage and strength. Michael displays the activity that is the essence of the human being—again, self ­development.

We, as human beings, have the possibility of personal transformation. We all have our own dragons, our own lower, less noble aspects. Our egoism, greed and selfishness can be overcome as we evolve as individuals. Michaelmas is a reminder of this process as we strive toward our full human potential.

For children, Michaelmas and themes of courage are manifested in activities of the will. The child's will and imagination are nurtured by activities of the season (picking apples, harvest work, grinding grain, planting bulbs, etc.) and tales which tell of courage, strength and bravery, and of facing fears. These deeds and stories carry with them the universal truths this festival represents.

Schedule of Events for the Day
8:30 Grades students meet outside for iron ringing with their class teachers and music teacher Elizabeth English. The dragon will be sure to appear!
8:45  Grades Assembly. A story of battle and courage will be shared by fifth grade teacher Sarah DuRocher, while singing with the students will be led by music teacher Mrs. English. As with each weekly assembly, students and their teacher will be able to share a song or poem they have been working with during their class time.
9:30  Grades students return to classrooms to make preparations for the shared meals.

  • 1st Grade—applesauce making
  • 2nd-3rd Grade—butter churning
  • 4th Grade—popcorn popping for snack; vegetable harvesting for soup from school garden
  • 5th Grade—bread baking and cheese slicing for lunch
  • 6th-7th-8th—vegetable cutting and soup cooking for lunch

10:30 Snack—popcorn and clementines, passed out by 2/3/4 Grades
11:00  Obstacle course for all grades, prepared by 6/7/8 teacher Chris Ecklund and 2/3 teacher Sarah Westlund.
12:20 Lunch—vegetable soup, bread rolls with butter, cheese, and applesauce for dessert, passed out by 5/6/7/8
1:20-3:20 Grades 2–8 service work—prepare school grounds for Michaelmas Fall Festival. Decorate, tidy, and organize materials.

Faculty and staff are looking forward to a wonderful in-school festival with your children! It will be a fruitful day of celebration.

In gratitude,
Sarah Westlund
Grades Chair
Da Vinci Waldorf School

Morgan Branson
Morgan Branson
Articles: 1677

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