DVWS Giving Circle

The Giving Circle collaborative event on February 1st was an inspiring success! We funded ten proposals this year—you can view them here.

An event recap and thanks from our board president, Matt Myren, can be found here.

All are invited to join Da Vinci Waldorf School’s Annual Giving Circle.

We hope each of you will become a part of the Giving Circle and contribute your vision to the future of our school. All parents, teachers, admin, staff, grandparents, alumni, local businesses, and any other extended community members are welcome to join.


Da Vinci Waldorf School is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, and as such all donations are tax deductible.

What is the DVWS Giving Circle?

YOU are invited to invest your values and
lend your voice to the future direction
of Da Vinci Waldorf School.

The DVWS Giving Circle is an annual opportunity for community members to share their dreams and intentions for our school and actively participate in making those dreams come true. As a non-profit organization, additional support is needed to achieve our mission. The Giving Circle process invites your participation in not only building up the fund but also in deciding how the fund will be spent.

Your gift at any level allows you to become a member of the DVWS Giving Circle. Giving Circle Members are invited to submit proposals for projects or initiatives they would like to see at our school. Once all the proposals are received, we will gather as a community and decide how the dollars will be allocated amongst the submitted proposals.

The 2020 Giving Circle Event was held Saturday, February 1, 2020.
The next one will be in early February of 2021.

For all five events we have met at The Relationship Center in downtown Wauconda.

You need not be present at the annual event to submit proposals for consideration. Members may select a proxy to vote for favorite proposals on your behalf.

For a list projects funded by the Giving Circle, click here.

Do you have a vision?

How can you help DVWS fulfill its mission?

  • A portion of the Giving Circle fund each year goes toward the school’s operating budget. Remaining funds are used as Giving Circle members direct.
  • Parents, teachers, staff, community members, associates, businesses, friends, and family are all invited to become Giving Circle members at any time.
  • All proposals that are in line with the school’s mission will be considered.
  • Donations at any level make you a member, and allow you to submit a proposal to be considered.
  • All gifts to our 501(c)(3) organization are tax-deductible.
  • You will be contacted after making a donation with information about how to submit proposals for the next event.
  • Donations may be made all at once or by monthly installments.
  • Projects require pledges to be collected prior to beginning.
  • Donors who give $500 or more will be recognized as Cornerstone Members.

How did we come up with this unique program?

The Giving Circle process was inspired by the Shared Gifting model developed by the Rudolf Steiner Social Finance group. Learn more about Shared Gifting here.  The process is inspiring, informative and builds a community of collective action, mutually beneficial goals, and shared trust.

Thank you for considering our school for your gift dollars this year!

Many thanks to our Giving Circle donors 2015-2020!

George Adams
Nedra Adams-Soller
The Alba-Henderson Family
Jennifer and Carlos Alers
The Alonso-Lamm Family
The Anderson Family
The Andrade-Lima Family
The Arias Family
The Ashbrook Family
Shahnaz Attar
The Avila-Grafft Family
The Bantner Family
The Betz-Baron Family
Dan & Beth Bejnarowicz
Robert Bent
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Blauer Family
The Boehmer Family
Kathy & Mark Boettcher
The Branson Family
Ellanee Bright
The Brooks Family
Missy and Clay Byrne
The Canga Family
Jen & Alun Champion
The Chaykovsky Shkilnyk Family
The Cross Family
The Cummings Family
Kris Dahl
Terry Dahlem
The De Castro Family
Rebecca Diipla
Ezekiel Drews
The Dumitrascu Dinica Family
John and Barbara DuRocher
The Eastridge Family
The Ecklund Family
Tammie Ellingson
Elizabeth English
Desi Ester
Vikki Evans
Tuly Faden
The Fager Family
The Fasman Family
Brita Ferm and Richard Schneider
The Fetter Family
Marianne Fieber
Michael Figiel
David Fike
The Fiskum Family
Bonnye Fleming & Robert Duling
The Francis/Winer Family
Martin Gaska
Randy Glenn
Susan Gouch
The Gray Family
Pat & Lanny Gray
Ellen Green
Mike and Nicole Griffith
Julie Groh
The Grunder Family
Jim Hack
Tim Haines
Brandon Hall
The Westlund-Head Family
The Heffernan Family
The Helmer Family
Liza Hetz
Katie Hildebrand
The Hill Family
David & Cindy Holloway
Ted Hover
The Hulls Family
The Hurt-Haller Family
Kelly Hyde
Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
David Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Tim and Amanda Johnston
The Jones Family
The Julian Family
The Kane Davis Family
The Kascewicz Floress Family
Neeru Kaur Singh
Juliette Keith
Chris Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly
The Kies Family
The Kraus Family
Marion Krause
Terri Krieger
Claudia Lenart
Ron & Gena Lenz
Level lO
Rorie Lindell
The Looper-Granrud Family
Alberto Loya
Amy Lumpp
The Lupp Family
The Mahesh-Viswanathan Family
The Mark Family
The Martin Family
Andrew Mazzeo
The Melcher Family
Louise Mele
The Merkel Family
Brenda and Albert Merkel
Wendy and Drake Mertes
Neetu Kaur Mokha
Mondelez International
The Montvydaite Janusonis Family
The Moretti Warren Family
Al and Nilufar Motlagh
The Myren Family
The Natarajan / Subbiah Family
The Nedza Family
The Nichols Family
Ali Vaupel O’Brien
Kathy & Jeff Pacznyski
The Patel Family
The Patric Family
The Petersen Family
The Ramirez Palacio Family
The Rao Family
The Renollet DePue Family
The Riniker Family
Christian Roldan-Johnson
The Safavi Kunz Family
Erica and Larry Schmitt
The Schultz Family
Laura & Matt Schulze
The Scoggin Family
Dave Segal
Phil Seroczynski
The Setoodeh Family
Joy Shaefer
The Sherman Family
The Swaminathan Jaganath Family
The Slinko Familiy
Melissa Smith
The Snell Family
The Stokes Family
Jeff Stomper
Miriam and Barry Swann
Len Szatkowski
Matt and Megan Tegelman
The Thomas Family
Peggy Troyer
Brenda Troyer Cass
The Trudell Family
Adam Trunzo
The Tuffy Family
The Vealitzek Family
The Verplancke Family
Joanne Weinreich
Phil Wertz
Jennifer Westlund
Chad J. White
The Whitfield / Rasgado Sanchez Family
Suzanne Willen-Rolle
Di Wolter
The Young Family
Emily Young
Rachel Young
The Zagraniczny Family
The Zasada Family
Sue Zender
Sue Wynstra Zillmer