The art and science of imagination

Grade 8

A Waldorf eighth grade student experiences a gradual but significant shift from the presentation of a subject solely from the teacher to the class, to the mutual consideration of a subject by teacher and class together. A sense of community develops, in which speaking becomes more thoughtful, listening more attentive. The result is a greater sense of self. The students expand their sense of place in the world. More importantly, they leave with compelling questions that will continue to fuel their love of learning in the years ahead.

Language Arts: Grammar and composition; creative writing; spelling; reading; report writing; note taking skills; researching; drama, literary forms; elements of style; Shakespeare

Literature and History: American history; modern events; life and work of Shakespeare

Mathematics: Pre-algebra skills; algebra; practical math; number bases; set theory

Science: Physics; chemistry; physiology

Social Studies: Geography of Asia; Australia; Antarctica

Spanish and German: Conversational Spanish/German; literature; grammar and vocabulary

Physical Education: Team sports and games; rhythmic exercise; eurythmy

Practical Arts: Machine sewing; woodworking

Visual Arts: Painting; drawing; clay sculpture; other media

Music: Recorder; singing; American music; orchestra