The art and science of imagination

Grade 7

Through the exploration of an unknown world, the seventh grade curriculum challenges the thought processes of the young adolescent, leading him/her to discovery, understanding and discernment. They learn, as the Explorers did, that going one’s own way means leaving behind the familiar territory of security and stability.

Language Arts: Grammar and composition; creative writing; spelling; reading; report writing; note taking skills, researching; drama

Literature and History: The Renaissance, Reformation, and the Age of Exploration

Mathematics: Negative numbers; inequalities; pre-algebra skills; geometry; roots;  powers; formulas

Science: Physics; chemistry; astronomy; physiology

Social Studies: Geography of Africa and Europe; tides; map reading

Spanish and German: Conversational Spanish/German; grammar and vocabulary

Physical Education: Team sports; archery; tumbling; eurythmy

Practical Arts: Sewing clothing; doll making; woodworking

Visual Arts: Painting; perspective drawing; black and white drawing; clay sculpture

Music: Recorder; singing; Renaissance music; Madrigals; orchestra