The art and science of imagination

Grade 6

Sixth grade is the gateway to pre-adolescence and idealism. The curriculum serves to ground the students, to inspire them to venture out toward the unknown, and to offer an introduction to their quest in life. This year is both an ending and a beginning.

Language Arts: Grammar and composition; spelling; reading; report writing; drama

Literature & History: Rome and the Middle Ages

Mathematics: Business math, computation and problem solving; geometric drawing

Science: Botany; mineralogy and geology; physics

Social Studies: Geography of North America

Spanish and German: Conversational Spanish/German; grammar and vocabulary

Classics: Latin and Roman Culture

Physical Education: Team sports; archery; eurythmy

Practical Arts: Fabric sculpture; hand sewing; woodworking

Visual Arts:  Painting; drawing (black and white media); clay sculpture

Music: Recorder; singing in multiple parts; minstrel and songs of Middle ages; orchestra